How To Easily Remove Waterproof Mascara

Last updated Mar 13, 2019 | Beauty Tips | 7 comments

How to Remove Waterproof Mascara Easily?

Waterproof mascara is the best choice if you’re looking at long-lasting mascara, but is equally challenging to remove. Waterproof mascara offers several notable benefits over traditional mascara including the ability to add volume as well as length to your eyelashes to make them look bigger. Whether you’re at the beach or drenched on a rainy day, waterproof mascara will last for a long period of time owing to its ingredients particularly isododecane, which is responsible for that long-lasting effect.

But after a long day, you’re probably wondering how to remove waterproof mascara easily, and here we present you with 5 easy methods to do so.


Method 1 – Remove Waterproof Mascara easily with Cotton Balls

Things you will need

  • Makeup pads, cotton balls or q-tips (baby wipes will also work just fine)
  • Makeup remover

Steps to Remove Waterproof Mascara Easily

  • Wet the cotton ball with makeup remover
  • Next, close your eyes and place the cotton ball below your eyelashes.
  • Apply pressure gently on your eyelashes from above so that they are pressed down on the cotton ball.
  • Take note that mascara must be removed gently to avoid getting it in your eyes, which may cause an eye infection.
  • Leave in place for approximately 20 seconds and the mascara will start dissolving.
  • For this step, gently slide the cotton ball while still holding down on your eyelashes in one direction and without any tugging.
  • Check your progress in the mirror to ensure all the waterproof mascara has come off. If you still see some stubborn waterproof mascara, gently continue to wipe the undersides of your eyelashes until all the mascara comes off.
  • Now dip a q-tip in the makeup remover solution to remove waterproof mascara from the bottom of your eyelashes.
  • Now that you’ve removed the mascara, use a gentle face cleanser to remove any residue and last traces of waterproof mascara, and rinse your face with lukewarm water.
  • Finally, moisturize your face with a good moisturizer as make up remover tends to dry out skin.

Method 2 – Remove Waterproof Mascara with Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is probably the most cost-effective and easy way to remove waterproof mascara. To do so, simply use your fingers to coat your eyelashes with petroleum jelly. After approximately five minutes, remove the petroleum jelly with a cotton ball or pad dipped in warm water gently without allowing it to get to your eyes.

Method 3 – Remove Waterproof Mascara with Baby Oil

Baby oil proves handy in a wide range of situations including removing waterproof mascara. Although this is an effective way to remove waterproof mascara, you must be careful as it contains petroleum, which may be harmful to your eyes. To get started, take a cotton ball with a little bit of baby oil on it and position it on the bottom of your eyelashes and wipe your eyelashes gently in a single direction without tugging. As an alternative, you can also use baby shampoo to remove waterproof mascara, but make sure you use the no tear formula so that you don’t hurt your eyes.



Method 4 – Remove Waterproof Mascara with Olive Oil

There are several different uses of olive oil, and it is an excellent way to remove waterproof mascara. First, you need to wet your eyelids by simply splashing them gently with water. Next, put a few drops of olive oil on a piece of cotton and gently press it on your eyelashes. Leave it in place for approximately a minute and slowly wipe it away. Now, wash your face with lukewarm water to complete the process. A noteworthy benefit of olive oil is that it can be used to remove other face makeup, and simultaneously keeps your skins look great.



Method 5 – Remove Mascara with Coconut Oil

You can use coconut oil in the same way as olive oil to remove waterproof mascara. Coconut oil has some strong properties so you only need to hold the cotton ball in place for 30 seconds rather than a minute.

Take note that regardless of the method you use to remove waterproof mascara, it is important to wash your face thoroughly preferably with lukewarm water. Also, don’t forget to apply a good moisturizer to combat dry skin, which may result from makeup removers.