How To Remove Lipstick From Clothing, Furniture and Carpets

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How to Remove Lipstick?

Lipstick might look ravishing when applied to your lips, but not so great on items such as clothing, furniture and carpet. Fact is that, most women do not leave home without wearing some type or shade of lipstick, which increases the chances of it getting on places you wish you didn’t like your favorite white sweater or even your friend’s Persian rug.

There are several different types of lipsticks available in the market including long lasting lipsticks, sheer/stain lipsticks and moisturizing lipsticks among others. But regardless of the types of lipsticks, they all comprise of a few basic ingredients such as oil, wax and color pigment. The oils in the lipstick are responsible for causing stains and tend to encase the other ingredients so once you tackle the oils, the remaining ingredients will dissipate on their own. Below we highlight ways to remove lipstick from clothing, carpet and upholstery, but take note that the sooner you address the lipstick stain, the faster it will come off.

How to Remove Lipstick from Clothing?

The first thing to pay attention to when tying to remove lipstick stain from clothing is the label on the clothing for washing instructions. Consider the fact that lipsticks may be easy to remove on some types of fabrics than others owing to the type of fibers. For example, removing lipstick stains of cotton and spandex is much easier than suede leather and fur, which require some extra care. Most labels on garments will also state if the specific piece is washable or requires dry cleaning so it is important to act accordingly.


  • Use a dull knife or spoon to scrape as much of the lipstick off, without smearing it further.
  • Soak the piece of clothing in a bucket of water with laundry detergent for approximately 15 minutes.
  • Dishwashing soap tends to work well too by simply dabbing it on the stain and left on for 15-20 minutes.
  • If you have stubborn lipstick stains, use color bleach for color fabrics and black bleach for black fabrics. Dip a toothbrush in the bleach and swish the brush over the stain to remove it.
  • After using any of the ways to remove lipstick stains mentioned above, blot the stain repeatedly with a white soft cloth until it vanishes.
  • Finally rinse off with cold water.
  • It is important not to rub the area of the stain because doing so will just result in a bigger stain.

Removing Lipstick Stain from Carpet and Furniture

The chances of getting lipstick on furniture or carpet are slim, but sometimes does happen. Removing lipstick stain from carpet and furniture is relatively similar to removing lipstick stain from clothing except that you do have to soak the affected item in a bucket of detergent water. To remove lipstick stain from furniture and carpet:

  • Use a dull spoon or knife to scrape off the excess lipstick.
  • Spray a stain remover or soak a cloth in detergent water or spread a couple drops of dishwashing detergent over the lipstick stain.
  • Then soak a damp cloth in water and blot the lipstick stain until it disappears.
  • Finally, use another clean wet rag to take off any residue that’s left over from the lipstick and leave the furniture or carpet undisturbed until dry.

Lipsticks stains are somewhat aggressive to remove so it is important to try and preventing the mishap in the first place. Rubbing items such as Vaseline or petroleum jelly can make it easier to remove lipstick stain, and shaving cream happens to be a good solvent as well. Once you’ve managed to remove lipstick stain from clothing, furniture or carpet, it is important to let the item dry thoroughly for best results.


  1. As you have said in your later paragraph, a solvent maybe required to assist in the removal. The solvent ( dry-cleaning fluid, turpentine or paint solvent) should be ‘lightly’ applied and flushed out after the lipstick has been removed with water, with a blotting and patting method.

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