How To Clean Grout – The Tried-and-Tested DIY Ways

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In this article we’ll show you how to clean grout, more specifically we’re going to write about how to clean the grout in between your bathroom tiles, but we’re also going to write about how you clean the grout in between your kitchen tiles. There are many types of grout available on the market today, including sanded grout, wall grout, latex modified grout additives, epoxy grout and furan grout. Each kind of grout may vary according to its purpose. But, regardless of how expensive your tiles are, still, they are susceptible to grout stains. Grout in between tiles can get dirty in so many different ways. Usually, bathroom grout get mold or mildew, which cause stains while kitchen grout could get a combination of food stains and grime. But no matter what the cause may be, you need to know some effective ways on how to clean grout completely, effectively and efficiently.

How to Clean Bathroom Grout Yourself

Remember: Before cleaning your bathroom grout, it is important to test the cleaning solution on small areas first. Do not rub the solution all over your grout without having it tested to avoid other problems from surfacing later on.

Here’s a list of four different effective ways to clean bathroom grout:

  • Clean Grout with Regular Household Products

When cleaning bathroom grout, use mild household products to clean grout and remove mildew. You can also use detergents or soaps, along with white vinegar and water. You can apply the combination of water and vinegar on the grout and set it to 10 minutes. Then, you can scrub the grout using a soft brush.

  • Clean Grout With Baking Soda

Another good way to clean bathroom grout is to use a combination of water and baking soda to create a paste. You can use this on the grout and allow it to sit for minutes. Then scrub it off to clean the grout.

  • Clean Grout With Vinegar and Baking Soda

Instead of using water and baking soda, you can also try using vinegar. Aside from being cheap, vinegar is also proven to be very effective by different homeowners who have already tried this product. This is also aside from the fact that it is non-toxic.

  • How to Clean Grout with Lemon Juice

Using a clean cloth or a sponge with lemon juice can also clean the grout effectively. Scrub the grout with warm water until you see everything white and clean. You can also use the old toothbrush in grout cleaning if sponge is not available. However, just be prepared on this task as you need to do a lot of hard scrubbing.

 What To Do After You’ve Cleaned Your Bathroom Grout

It is true that dirty grout can really make your bathroom look shabby. As such, to keep moisture away and prevent mold or mildew from occurring, apply a grout sealer on your grout. If the color of the grout is fading because of cleaning, you can also use a grout colorant. This will help brighten up the grout’s color and prevent stains or discoloration.

How to Clean Kitchen Grout

The grout in this area is among the most difficult to deal with. Our kitchen is often exposed to dirt, stains, water and other things that contribute greatly to the development of mildew and molds faster. And when such are not eliminated, the tendency is they solidify and embed themselves on the grout.

As such, here are some effective methods to try out:

Be cautious. If your kitchen has colored grout, you should be wary about cleaning. Colored grout should be cleaned with special care, compared to cleaning colorless grout. Do not use bleaching agents such as chlorine, for colored grout because it can harm and discolor the grout. You may consider using oxygenated bleach to be safe.
  • Cleaning Kitchen Grout with Oxygenated Bleach

Use 2 tablespoons of oxygenated bleach and pour it into 2 cups of warm water. Mix the substance and apply it on the grout. Let the substance soak for a couple of minutes then do the scrubbing on the area. Brushing in a circular motion is much more effective than front and back. If the dirt was not removed, wet the brush into the oxygenated bleach to create a paste. Wipe it onto the grout and let it dry, before cleaning it off with water.

  • Clean Kitchen Grout Using Lemon Juice

Use lemon juice to get rid of stains. For grout with extra dark stains, you can squeeze some lemon juice on the area then scrub it clean. However, make sure to use lemon juice carefully because it damages some tile finishes.

  • Cleaning Grout Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Sprays

Use eco-friendly cleaning sprays. This is one of the easiest methods you can use to clean kitchen tile grout. Before applying cleaning sprays, the grout should be dry. Then, damp the grout that looks dark and scrub it off.

After You’ve Cleaned The Grout

Once the grout in your kitchen is clean, you can now use a grout sealer to prevent any future stains. You can do the cleaning each year but be sure to use a grout sealer every time.

How to Clean Tile Grout on Floor

The level of cleaning floor tile grout is different than kitchen or bathroom. Usually, floor tile grout does not need much cleaning (depending of course on the number of people in your house and how many visitors you have.) Oxygen bleach is a non-toxic way to clean floor tile grout. It is considered safe, as it does not produce harsh fumes and does not affect the color of the grout. This substance also removes grease stains without too much scrubbing. Oxygen bleach has oxygen ions that attack stain molecules, breaking them into several pieces. Mixing high quality oxygen bleach with warm water is a very effective grout cleaning solution. Pour the solution on the area of the tile to flood the grout line with the solution. It is ideal to use oxygen-bleach solution to dry grout. This will help soak the grout deeply. The solution should sit on the grout for at least 15 minutes. Once done, clean the grout with a rug or soaked cloth. Oxygen bleach powder can also help make the tile look new. Put the powder on the mop and scrub the tile surface. But before doing this, the mop should be soaked for a ‘couple’ of minutes in the oxygen bleach powder. Doing this every time will keep your hands and knees from scrubbing all the time.

I hope you enjoyed the article and had success with cleaning your grout.


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